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San Diego Rotaract partners with Club Centenario Bogotá to provide wheelchair to Jorge

On May 23rd San Diego Rotaract was able to raise $800 of the $1000 needed to buy the electric powered wheel chair for Jorge to improve his quality of life. Within three days, the community rallied to raise these funds and make a positive difference in someone's life despite the COVID-19 pandemic. An effort that would not have been possible without the generous contribution of fellow club members and dear friends. San Diego Rotaract donated $250 in addition to spreading the word. A huge thank you to Club Centenario Bogotá for allowing us to be part of this effort. Looking forward to future collaboration and a long term partnership.

You can visit our IG post to read more about the effort and Jorge's story. The video was filmed by Club Centenario Bogotá members when they set Jorge up in the new wheelchair. Thank you again to all those that contributed and shared the post!

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